About Me

My name is Helen, I live in East Lancashire with my man of 21 years, and crazy cat.

I grew up surrounded by all things crafty, my mum was always knitting or stitching something and the bug wore off onto me.

I got shown how to knit and crochet as a young child but never really got into it…. until now!!!

in my mid 30’s I am obsessed by all things wooly, and driving my long suffering man insane XD

I’ve also recently got interested in hair and makeup and am training to be a hairdresser.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Helly,
    I am new to the blogging world, your comment in March was so cheering to me, I wish I had struck up more conversation then! But at least I am writing to you now… I too am obsessed with knitting, but also now with crochet. The Haiti Crochet Project aka Fanm Pou Fanm (Women for Women in Haitian Creole) has been taking up many busy hours. I have been crocheting some small projects to clip to a dog’s leash in order to have plastic baggy’s (of course biodegradable ones) to clean up the inevitable doggy deed when walking them. I have made 47 out of 50 of them & feel like I can come up for air & seek some new blogging friends. Besides, my hand definitely needs to rest a bit.
    At times like this, May, I truly miss living in my own home & gardening. Spring is full of so much promise… I love planting waaaay too many veggies, and a cutting flower bed too. Oh well, in southern California I am afraid all we would harvest is the occasional Rattle Snake. (Truly.) Have a happy day. Mary Ann

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