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A new hat

I’m a knitter. You all know that.
I love hats, but I hate that cute hats cost so much in shops.
I love that I can buy a knitting pattern for a couple of pounds and make countless items from it.
So here is my latest offering….

Lutz Jump take 2 from the Salchow Trio pattern I got on Ravelry.


It has an adorable fancy rib with a super cute 3 stitch cable.


It was really easy to knit and I finished it in a day. The pattern was simple enough to not need to keep referring back to the instructions as long as you keep on top of the row counting.

I made one last winter too but it was a little big (but still lovely) thanks to my loose in the round knitting.


So second time around I cast on for a small, but knot to medium in length this time. Perfect!



Just in time to keep my head warm for winter!


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