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I’ve spent the last 36 hours watching and hearing about the attacks in Paris. It has made me sad beyond words.

I’ve turned my Facebook profile picture red white & blue to show that I’m thinking about what has happened and am affected by it.

This doesn’t mean that I’m jumping on a bandwagon. This doesn’t mean that I care about French & European lives more than those from the middle east.

The reason these events have impacted me so much is because I spent an amazing week in Paris celebrating my 30th birthday.

It strikes close to home.

I hate seeing that people have died at the hands of terrorists wherever they are from.

What is so striking with the Paris attacks is that France is thousands of miles away from the war in the middle east. Whilst it is a tragedy, death is expected in war zones. Paris is not a war zone.

I will #prayforparis without irony because I believe that having faith in a supreme being doesn’t automatically make a person a terrorist or a lunatic.

I believe people should be able to express their emotions in a way that is acceptable to them without being attacked, judged, trolled or bullied.

I originally posted a version of this a as my Facebook status after I was getting frustrated by what i believe to be small minded people calling for closed borders, abandonment of refugees and in one case a banning of religion. People were also being accused of only being bothered by death when it is on their doorstep, arguing that people need to care for victims wherever they are killed. I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, however I don’t in my next breath call for refugees to be “sent back where they came from” nor am I saying that we need to go and blow up Syria. This would simply create more victims and put more blood on the hands of the west.

I don’t like to be political or religious for the most part on social media because i know that it gets under peoples skin and causes some quite hurtful responses, but I felt in this case it was necessary.

If you disagree with me, fair enough, that is your right. Just please don’t belittle me for having an opinion that is different to yours.

Paris, je t’aime.



3 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. But don’t you see what you are doing here? See what you ask not to be belittled for your opinion but then you belittle people that do not think like you do in that same blog? (by what I believe to be small minded people) I have waited nearly a day saying this because I do not want an argument but I am not saying this out of hate or anger. Just wanted to show you that it should work both ways. Take care.

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