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A nifty idea…

Okay,  so I know that I am probably not reinventing the wheel here, but I was getting fed up of my adorable kitty using my teeny balls of scrap yarn as his own collection of toys.

I dont think he has been introduced yet… so folks,  meet Jasper!


So what could I do to stop him. I need them near to where I am crocheting, but out of his tiny paws reach….

Ding! A lightbulb pinging above my head!

I need them to look pretty, but be practical.  A glass vase! Why not? Sonoff I went hunting, and in mynlocal charity shop I found the perfect one! Nice and wide, pretty shape, and not so deep or narrow that I wold get my not so tiny hands stuck, but tall enough to keep the kitty paws out!

Here you go!


Like I said, probably not reinventing the wheel, but its perfect for my needs!

Until next time



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