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Granny square blanket ta-dah!

So just over a month ago, S’ s mum and I were talking about my latest crochet projects. I briefly mentioned a blanket I wanted to make, to which she said how much she would like a crocheted blanket for

her bed. I don’t have the yarn for another I said hoping she would leave it at that, but oh no. She pointed me at a lonely bag of colourful acrylic dk yarn just sitting there. From that moment the granny square blanket was born.

It has taken a month. Quite a lot of hand ache and a few choice words but I am ridiculously proud of the finised object.

There are 130 5 1/2 inch squares and 12 9 inch squares. All joined using slipstitch on the back.

Here, have a look! TA DAH!!!







The border was done in 6 rounds. A cain roun of ch3 sc all the way round, followed by 4 granny cluster rounds in white, mint green, yellow and another round of mint green. The final round was a mini shell/scallop edge made by slipstitching into the spaces between clusters and doing 3 tr (uk) / dc (us) into the centre stitch of the cluster below. I didn’t want the edging to be too big and as I did it, I thought the 3 stitch shell looked so cute and adorable.

I hope both the recipient and you all like it as much as I do!!!
If you have any questions about any of the squares feel free to ask 🙂

Until next time,



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