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Crochet Hooks & hands…


As you may have noticed I am a bit of an addicted hooker. I just find the rhythm of crochet so soothing, and if you go wrong it is easy to undo and re-do (without all the stress of picking up stitches that comes with knitting). SO it is essential to have the right tools for the job to make your hooky time as painless and comfortable as possible.

My crochet obsession began a couple of years ago and like most people I started off with a bog standard type of hook made of aluminium something like this…

Alu crochet hook

Dependent on brand and size you can pick these up for about £1.50 – £2 in most local yarn stores or craft suppliers – or of course the ever useful eBay!

Absolutely nothing wrong with these at all, but i found them to be quite boring, not very cheery and the ones I had were coated in a slightly rough finish which meant the yarn was almost sticking to the shaft of the hook and not moving up and down very easily – I found this annoying so went hunting on the the tinterwebs and found….


How pretty! colour coded and shiny! and not expensive either. I got a full set for about £7 on eBay. These are much slicker in finish than the grey ones I had, and were constructed the same with the thumb grip telling you the size of the hook. Not bad to use, but with my obsession growing and my hooky time increasing I was finding that i was getting very tired and achy hands – so off I pop to consult google again for some advice.

I discovered that there was a whole myriad of different types, styles, brands and materials for crochet hooks, but the problem I was having could be helped with getting a bigger handle.

I had a hard time finding reasonably priced handle grips (like a foam tube that slides over you hook to aid with gripping) in the UK so my hunt was pointed towards the standard metal hooks with fimo or polymer clay handles baked onto them – Now I am a massive fan of Lucy from attic24 and she has a spotty dotty fimo handled hook that looked great, but again the cost of these for me was prohibitive. I mean I am not tight with money and am willing to pay for quality but £5 or £6 for the hook with an added £3 or £4 for postage just seemed a bit excessive so back to the drawing board I went and I found….


I am pretty sure I have mentioned my lovely knitpro soft grip hook before. It has a nice sized handle, nice to hold, not too bulky, nice length so it doesn’t dig in to my palm and the hook itself is lovely and smooth and the it grabs the yarn really well. I love my knitpro hooks =] they work out at about £4 or £5 each delivered to my door – again thanks to eBay, although they are readily available all over.

I hold my hook in my fist almost like a knife with my index finger keeping hold of the stich and loops…


Sorry this pic is so bad but my house is VERY dark and my flash is not very friendly =[ I really need a camera better suited to what I need…

Anyhoo – i mention my grip as I feel it will be important when I introduce you to my next and newest hook, the Addi Swing…


Yes! aren’t they cool looking? almost like a toothbrush =] It took me a bit of effort to find them in the UK with reasonable postage costs but addineedles only charged £1 for delivery! bargain!!

The hook is wonderful to use. Its curved handle means that if like me you hold the hook overhand, the curve fits in your palm, or if like my mum, you hold the hook like a pen the curve will allow the hook to nestle in the space between your thumb and the rest of your hand. I only got my hook yesterday, and after about 15 minutes of using it I was totally used to the feel of the hook in my hand and now my adored knitpro feels tiny!

If you can get your hands on an addi swing have a go with it and see if you like it. You may be surprised. I was terrified when I bought it thinking that i wouldn’t be able to use it, but I am delighted with it!

I hope this has been helpful, or at least interesting =]





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