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Hats & Scarves Part Two – Pink Princess

My 7 year old niece is obsessed with pink. I remember hearing a story about her when she was 2 or 3. Her parents (not sure if mum or dad was responsible) had dressed her, and left her playing in her room whilst they went to get something. 10 minutes later she emerged from her bedroom wearing different clothes, all higgeldy piggeldy, backwards and inside out. When asked what had happened she replied that she didn’t like the clothes they had put her in because they weren’t pink!

4 or 5 years later and the pink obsession remains. So when deciding to make her a hat and scarf for Christmas, the pink component was essential. I found some gorgeous yarn – Sirdar Baby Crofter DK that I thought in the right colourway (Pinkie – 155) would suit the princess to a tee! It is a self patterning yarn, with a fair isle effect, and is so so so soft its ridiculous.


So what to make? Off I went hunting on Ravelry again and found the Baktus scarf. Perfect! It’s a very simple pattern, just a garter stitch triangle with shaping down one side. You can make it as large or small as you like by altering the point at which you change from increasing to begin the decreases.

Ready to see the finished thing???



Again I am really happy with how it turned out and the handmade tassels just add a lovely finishing touch… just hope the princess approves.

The problem I faced next was to figure out what kind of hat to make to match it. The Little Man’s selection was easy, just a basic boyish shape with a splash of colour added to both hat & scarf, but this was an altogether different animal. I could’ve gone and bought some more of the crofter yarn, but I thought that a hat in the patterned effect would be too much and I had some adorable shocking pink yarn in my stash… then I saw this – From Norway with Love. Gorgeous, as girly as you like and adapting it for size and using shocking pink for the body and my leftover crofter for the hearts I was on to a winner…

I had to adapt it for size, and by using advice that I gleaned from notes on Ravelry of other people that had made the hat I was off…

I quite like knitting colourwork in the round, just make sure that the floats aren’t too tight and no problems.

want to see?



Think it will be pink enough?

More Amigurumi next time…





2 thoughts on “Hats & Scarves Part Two – Pink Princess

  1. Yes I think you got it spot on. My own pink princess has some legwarmers in that very shade off baby crofter and she picked it out herself! A sure fire winner I reckon

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