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Hats & Scarves Part One – Little Man


First for the little man (aka my 9 year old nephew). I went hunting for some patterns suitable for the smaller person’s head and as usual Ravelry provided. There were so many to chose from I was lost, but I settled on a simple stocking stitch hat body with coloured garter stripes for the brim. I found the pattern through Ravelry but it’s available for free on mustaavillaa blog…

mustaavillaa hats_thumb[2]

The hats looked so amazing I just had to. I couldn’t resist.

This project taught me that checking gauge is vital. I had never really bothered before as being a larger build, I find clothing is better being a bit big rather than too small. But my gauge was way out and my first attempt yielded a hat that fit S and was a little big for me, so obviously way to big for a 9 year old… so off I went again casting on fewer stitches and BOOM! One Garter Stripe Beanie for the little man…

Garter beanies x 2_thumb[1]

This picture just shows the difference in size between the two attempts and I honestly followed the pattern exactly for the larger hat! I admit it. I am a loose knitter!

So on to the scarf for the little man. Now it is here that I must ask you a favour. If I ever mention the fact that I am going to do a ribbed scarf again, please stop me!

The pattern I found came out of a supplement with a knitting magazine.

hand knit christmas supplement_thumb[3]

The Scarf caught my eye…

pocket scarf beginnings_thumb[1]

I thought the scarf looked great and the fact it had pockets was nifty and useful AND it would be easy to adapt to suit a 9 year old boy. BUT I forgot how annoying, dull and boring ribbing could be!

The pattern was basically an embossed moss stitch rib… I did 60 inches of it!! boy was it tedious… and entire ball of Hayfield Bonus DK (colour – Orchard – 904)– my go to value acrylic yarn of choice – that’s 280 metres of yarn for ribbing! ouch! But I got there and added the buttonholes using crochet chains and some yellow fringe to make it more cheery and then steam blocked it to stop the ribbing gathering so severely. I decided to leave off the motif from the pockets to make it more boy-ish.

Want to see the finished article?



I think it was worth the effort =]

But never, ever again!

Next – the pink princess….





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