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Crafty Catch-up – Christmas is coming!!


I promised a few posts ago that I would catch up with all my crafty goings on so here is that post… (well part of it at least)

As you have probably guessed I am pretty much Craft obsessed, and over the last year I have become more skilled in my chosen crafts. This improved ability has finally given me the courage to hand make gifts for people. so I will catch you up on those first.

I have a 9 year 0ld nephew and a 7 year old niece, and what child doesn’t need another hat and scarf right? I also have a mother-in-law (well pretty close to the in law bit) who always wants one of whatever I am making, and a 21 year old niece who is obsessed with the cute and cuddly beanie baby type things, so there are plenty of opportunities for making gifts…

I found some adorable patterns, got out my gorgeous Brittany Birchwood needles and trusty KnitPro interchangeables and off I went…

if you have no idea what I am raving about knitting needles for, take a look…

single-point-Needle heads

ooooh look… aren’t they pretty??? they feel awesome to use too =]


Spectra flare tipsinterchangeable stand

knitpro cable

The KnitPro interchangeable needles are really cool too… I have built up my collection over the last 18 months or so… you but tips in different sizes from 3mm up to 15mm, and they come in different materials… acrylic like the purple “Spectra Flair” in the picture, wood like the “Symphonie” ones on the test tube style rack and metal “Nova” ones.

I have a combination as money isn’t always easy to come by and the acrylic ones are nice and affordable. If you haven’t used an interchangeable needle system before you should give it a go. Just pick the right size needle tips for the job, pick a cable length (between 40cm & 200cm) screw the two together and you’re sorted. the cables even come with cable ends that you can screw on the ends of the cable so your work doesn’t fall off and you can then use the tips for another project.

OK enough needle porn, what about the work? where was I?? That’s it, hats and scarves for children…




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