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Catching Up part 2 – Car Cars!


Ok so a fact about me – I am what some people may call a “petrolhead”. Formula 1 is my sport, I LOVE it, and when I say love I really do mean it!

I grew up watching F1 on Sunday afternoons with the battles between Prost and Senna, with Mansell too being the headline makers. I really enjoyed it then, but over the last few years I have really re-found my love of it.

Red-Bull-RacingI am a RedBull girl, and no not because Sebastian Vettel is the superstar and they seem to win everything, but because a couple of years ago I saw a report on F1 on the sports news and there was an interview with some Australian bloke called Mark Webber, who was talking so straight and honestly about problems he’d had with his car and his hopes for the upcoming race that it grabbed my attention. I watched the race he was talking about and was very impressed.

It was the Silverstone Grand Prix of 2010. You know the one that Webber is now infamous for. “Not bad for a number two driver” he said over the team radio as he won. Now it is that quip that made me smile and carved a place in my heart for Mr Webber.

It turns out that during development of the cars, the lovely Aussie had felt aggrieved that the new spec front wing destined for his car had found it onto Sebastian Vettel’s car instead. Less than impressed, and understandably so, he went on to prove how much talent and skill he really has and won the race! Go Mark! You can read the full story here if you feel so inclined.

So that is why I am a RedBull girl, or more specifically, a Mark Webber girl… the fact i find him super easy on the eye too is also helpful!!

Mark Webber Hungary 2012 -1

So its late November. the F1 Season is almost over. As I write this, I have just watched the highlights (read virtually the entire race) of the Austin GP. And it was good. My Aussie had to retire due to a collection of technical problems, including failed KERS and a suspected dodgy alternator. Not good. BUT the best thing of it was that Red Bull won their 3rd constructors title in a row, and that the final race of the season in Brazil on November 25th will also be the driver’s championship decider. Why is this good? Because I can watch it live is why! I love the BBC coverage of F1. David Coulthard is a legend who manages to explain the techy bits without being confusing, Jake Humphrey makes me chuckle whilst he winds up Eddie Jordan, who never fails to say something that i find annoying!

It’s this love of the BBC coverage that has stopped me from paying for Sky’s F1 coverage (which I have watched, and it wasn’t bad, but it sure as hell wasn’t the same). So for me watching the last race of the season and it being the title decider is heavenly!

Now sport is well known for having some great personalities, and I am always one for cheering for the person I like rather than just the ones I think will win. This is exactly the same for me in F1. So whilst I have adopted Mark Webber for his candour, I am also adopting Kimi Räikkönen. Nicknamed the “Iceman”, he is well known for being a man of few words. But it is those few words that make hi so awesome… take this video…. Martin Brundle, the epitome of professionalism doing a gridwalk before a grand prix, live on TV, asks Kimi why he missed Pele’s presentation of an award… the response? well, classic!

he was having a ****!

So Kimi? I love him too. He makes me smile. He yells at his engineers on team radio during races. He looks so cool. He is also one hell of a racer. Did I forget to mention that?

Until next time




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