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Catching up!


Ok. I admit it! I a m a bad bad blogger. I could make excuses but the truth of it is life is busy. Family. Pets. Crafty things. Formula 1. The things that I love can surprisingly get in the way so much sometimes!

Well maybe not in the way, but they can certainly swallow up lots of time without me realising!

So what’s been happening in Hellyland?

Family – as usual family can be wonderful and frustrating in equal amounts. on one hand came a laughter filled visit from my parents, whilst on the other the dramas of my in-laws are being shared via whispers from S’s mum. All this can be very entertaining, but as anyone who knows me can tell you I am the type of person who can get very stressed very quickly so not always much fun in the Chinese whispers stakes.

We have also been graced with the presence of our now 20 year old foster kid taking a “reading week” from university. I have to admit that R has grown up an awful lot since starting University in September 2011, but as always there are micro dramas and stressors, especially for someone like me who loves a simple and peaceful life.

Pets – We are proud parents to an adorable rescued snow white kitty J,


and an ageing Border Collie, C,

carlie nov2012

who has recently had her 16th birthday. Whilst J is full of life and vigour and it seems as though he loves nothing more than causing chaos and mayhem (he is rather fond of pens at the moment), poor old C is finding everything much more difficult. ergo feeder

We bought her a feeding station so she doesn’t have to bend as far to eat and drink, but the poor old girl is getting old which is really sad and often quite exhausting for me with her sometimes (and often in the middle of the night) needing help to stand.




Did I mention that being a crafty person with  love of all things yarn related, being mummy to a cheeky cat makes life much more, how should I put it? Interesting!

ok so thats enough for now… I will be back later with more catch ups… Crafts and Cars next =]




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