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Keeping on…

So my crochet Granny Stripe Blanket is going pretty well, almost finished my 20th stripe (40 rows) and it is looking gooooooood! I just love being able to snuggle on my sofa, hooking away whilst watching my fave tv shows, whether its Grey’s Anatomy, Supernatural or my latest discovery Body of Proof, i feel as though I am not just killing time mindlessly watching tv. NO! I am making a gorgeous Granny Stripe blanket!

Unfortunately all this crochet and tv watching means that I have been neglecting my fave gadget, my lovely KINDLE! even I can’t crochet and read at the same time, I don’t have enough hands!! So I will finish the book I have been reading for what seems like an eternity very soon…. honest ;-]

I have also given up coffee for Lent, which is interesting as I have never gone more than 2 days without a cup’o joe before. Its going well, everyone’s heads have remained firmly on their shoulders, so far at least =] I usually give up chocolate for Lent, but that hasn’t been that difficult for the last couple of years and I felt like pushing myself =]

Once my blanket has grown more I will take more pictures so you can see =]

See you soon

Helen xxx


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