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Feeling Better… & CROCHET AWAY!

So last week was awful, yes AWFUL!

both S and I had what we believe was Norovirus, a rather unpleasant stomach bug which I would not wish on my worst enemy. The details are pretty gross so I wont go into them, but needless to say our toilet was working overtime!!

Being slightly obsessed with crafty arts, and still needing quite a bit of concentration to do my 2 sticks and string (knitting) creations, I needed a different outlet to keep me calm and distract me whilst I was ill as my sleep was very little and concentration almost non existent.

I found just that in crochet!

I learned, well taught myself to crochet, before I taught myself to knit, and always found the simple hooky rhythm nice and soothing and quite easy, so out came my trusty crochet hook and mega yarn stash and off i went to my my favourite crochet blog Attic24! Attic 24 is an awesome place to find inspiration, written by the amazing Lucy, whose antics as a super-mum are inspirational in themselves, but added to the gorgeous crochet creations she is almost heroic!!

I wanted to do something simple enough for me to do without thinking too much, but not so simple it was tedious… granny squares? no, they need sewing together, major blah. ripples? no, not quite simple enough, THEN I SAW IT!


Lucy had made a granny stripe blanket to die for….

here is the TA-DAH! post…

Attic 24 Granny Stripe Blanket

so off i went, inspired beyond belief, snuggled under my duvet on my cosy sofa happily hooking away…

its going to take a while to complete, but boy is it looking good already =]

what do you think?


I am on my 11th stripe of colour as I type, each stripe is 90 treble clusters (3 treble crochets per cluster) and 2 rows, so as you can imagine, there is enough to get a good rhythm going and by the time the 2 loooong rows are complete you are more than ready for a break so you can pic a new yummy colour =]

ooooh, close ups =]


look at all this lovely hooky happiness =]

just crocheting this made me feel better =]

Close up

So much colour, so cheerful!!!

Lets see how long it takes to finish =]

See you soon,

Helen xxx


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