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Catching up…

Righty ho – here goes =]

I started knitting properly about 18 months ago at the request of my man S. He wanted a jumper, so wanting to be helpful I said ok…. it took forever to do as I found it so boring, just plain stockinette stitch for hours and hours, but then seeing it finished, something grabbed me and BOOM!!! obsession!.

I had been crocheting little bits and pieces for a while, but always found the idea of 2 sticks much scarier than my little hook, which is probably why I didn’t try sooner. I still love to crochet, but have not yet mastered the fancy stitches and am seeming to find  fancy knitting rather simple.

What have I been up to then? Ravelry. that says everything… I am like a child in a sweet shop. Almost everything I have knitted in the last 6 months has come off there. My latest obsession knitting wise? HEXIPUFFS! but more of that later….

I have made 3 cowls,

my 1st Cowl
Cowl #2
cowl #3

3 pairs of gloves (only 1 has pics though),

cosy & sparkly mitts

a hat,

hat for S

mug hug,

a hug for a mug

hot water bottle cover

in hot water

and a table runner type thing

Table runner...
Table runner close up

all since October 2011, that may not be much for some people but for me (and S) its a lot!

oh and  how could i forget the lovely kindle case that was too short (that was a valuable lesson – check size before casting off!!!)

kindle cover


seen as I am new to blogging and WordPress I have a lot to figure out, like adding pictures so please be patient with me, I will get there…. eventually! (edit… think i sussed out the picture thing!)


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